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Where do you turn in your darkest times? Putnam County Cares and provides Suicide Prevention, Education & Awareness.  We give you the resources you need to get help before you or someone close to you loses hope.

Police, Fire & EMS contact information and helpful safety tips. Keep your Emergency Go Kit stocked. Know what to do after a car accident. Putnam County Cares and we want you to be prepared in an emergency.

In addition to risk factors that can apply to anyone, veterans are exposed to unique stresses such as those associated with combat, prolonged periods of deployment and reintegrating into civilian life. Although there is a lot of help available, veterans are often reluctant to seek help, believing that they can “tough it out” alone.

Enjoying life means staying healthy. Use this section to keep your mind and your body in shape. Eating healthy and exercising will set you on the path for success.

How do you get from point A to point B in Putnam County? Putnam Moves keeps you informed. Need the bus? Get the latest bus route schedules. Does your street need repair? Access the County Executive’s Operation Smooth Streets form to report your street defect.

From Antiquing to fine dining, find what you need in Putnam. Whether your interests lay in nature, sports or history, Putnam has something for you. Live here or visit here, we have a lot to offer.

About Putnam County Cares

One of the major crisis’s that is facing Putnam County is the loss of our valuable citizens of drug overdose. The thought occurred to us, how do we reach someone when they are imperil. Just about everyone has a cellphone on their side, so we thought what better way than developing an app. Using our app, Putnam County Cares, they are able to get live information to support them, their families and loved ones during their time of crisis and need. This app will provide what to say, where to go, and who to call, all at your fingertips. One of the most alarming trends is the increase of opiate and heroin use. There are many educational activities going on in our community for people who are in need.

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